Since a young age, I loved watching my nonna work her magic in the kitchen and enjoyed our bonding sessions on the couch as we watched the cooking programs on RAI international. At the risk of stating the obvious, food plays a large and important part in the Italian culture. It is no wonder then, growing up with a strong Italian identity, that my passion resides in creating edible goodies.

Rosie’s Dessert Spot was originally created as a vlog space where I was able to share my ideas, passion, and what I had learned during my cake decorating journey. I continue to do this today, and my love for the art and for teaching only gets stronger with every day that passes. I cannot believe how many incredible people I have met along the way and am incredibly grateful to have connected with thousands of others around the world through a common love and passion for cake and art! When the two mould together, it is an incredible thing, and I would honestly argue even therapeutic.

I wish to inspire you to create something magical in your kitchen, and invite you to watch some free tutorials I have on offer on my YouTube channel that may just kick start you on your cake decorating journey. Visit:


I hope you like what you see! And if you ever come across any difficulties, I am a simple e-mail away and will endeavour to help you the best I can.

If you are new to cake decorating, I also offer online classes from beginners to intermediate level. These classes will equip you with all you need to be on your way to practising and perfecting the skills needed for cake decorating.  Our online store also offers great tools and personalised embellishments that you can add onto your edible masterpieces.

I hope you find something you like here, and most importantly learn something new. Thanks for stopping by!

Yours truly,