Welcome bakers! Below, you will find a selection of easy to follow printable recipes accompanied with their respective video demonstrations and, where applicable, downloadable templates. For the tutorials that don’t involve a recipe and simply demonstrate a technique or instructions on how to professionally decorate a cake or dessert, visit: http://www.youtube.com/c/rosiesdessertspotaustralia



In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to create profiteroles from scratch and fill them with a creamy homemade vanilla custard.


The best home made Nutella doughnuts- surprise yourself and your whole family with these delicious little morsels.


Satisfy the inner child in you with these fluffy and delicious rainbow waffles!


How to make Captain America cookies in a cookie log form. It really is easier than it looks!


Blueberry cupcakes and a Ranunculus Buttercream Tutorial

This is a tutorial which shows you how to create a beautifully fluffy cupcake with professional buttercream rose decorations. Enjoy!


In this tutorial, I show you how to make beautifully moist and fudgy Raspberry Brownies with real fruit incorporated in the batter for that subtle raspberry aftertaste. Enjoy!


In this next tutorial I demonstrate how to use gumpaste to create beautiful blooming roses. Edible luster dust can be used to colour and shade the petals, but the roses are elegant just as they are.


In this tutorial I demonstrate how to make authentic Sicilian cannoli shells. You can change the spices as you desire to give your own spin on the recipe. for example, adding in some nutmeg or doubling the amount of cocoa powder for a stronger chocolate taste. Be creative with this one!


Here I demonstrate how to create beautiful gumpaste peony flowers using a 22 gage wire. Super pretty and really fun to make guys, I hope you give it a crack.


These are a special treat and look so effective at weddings or engagements! Alcohol infused strawberries covered in chocolate as bride and groom. Easier than they look!