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*NEW DESIGN* Victorian Piping Stencil- 4 inch to 8 inch round cakes

*NEW DESIGN* Victorian Piping Stencil- 4 inch to 8 inch round cakes

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Create evenly spaces, neat and elegant scalloped decorations on your Lambeth Victorian style cakes using this multi purpose cake stencil. Please note, stencils are made to order. For this reason, kindly allow 2 to 3 business days for your order to be processed. See the below video for instructions on how to use the victorian template stencil.

Please note, this stencil was measured with a crumb-coat and final coat applied onto the cake. For this reason, a seamless end scallop can be achieved with a completely covered buttercream cake. It is also recommended to keep a 1/2cm spacing between the scallops to create that perfect start to finish spacing between scallops. 

Use the side notches and dash line to line up the chosen distance with the top edge of the cake and keep this measurement consistent throughout the drawing process. 

For best results, use a chilled buttercream / ganached cake to ensure the contact with the ruler against the cake doesn't disturb your final coat of frosting. 

Cake not included. 


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