Meet Your Instructor

Hello there, I'm Rosie.

I have been teaching cake decorating since 2014 (in person, group settings and online) and have worked in bakeries and in cake decorating supply stores during this wonderful cake decorating journey. I love empowering people with the skills they need to build confidence in their own cake decorating abilities- often times you'll find that this confidence bleeds into other areas of your life and empowers you in more ways than you would expect. I can't wait for you to hone in on your caking skills and start something incredible! Whether it be a small business, a new therapy worthy hobby or to simply cater to your children's unique imagination on their birthdays.

Classes coming soon!

Stay tuned, we are working on some delectable cake decorating classes. Whether your preference is for in person classes, ZOOM video call classes or recorded class- we will have something for everyone.

Cake Hire Available

Cake hire is gaining popularity for it's ability to showcase an affordable yet gorgeous centrepiece for an event, and also catering to the aesthetic vision, even if it's only for a super small party. Book your artistic event centrepiece with us today!